Additional services for apartment cooperatives

Joining fees

Joining fee, establishment of accounting for a new apartment cooperative Pcs. FREE
Balances takeover fee The first 8 hours free, then 22€ for each next hour
Accounting takeover by organizing previous periods Hour 25,00€ või kuni 1x kuutasu korrastuskuu eest
Accounting service contract suspension reinstatement Pcs. 26,00€
The establishment of the Bank direct debit service Ap.Cooperative 45,00€ (no montly payment)

Annual Reports

Preparation of the annual report (once a year) and inserting to e-EIK
[Price claculator shows this price]
Pcs. the average monthly cost of service.
minimum 64€ per report

Other with accounting indirectly related services

If a customer sends us documents too late then the customer invoice gets increased by 1/3rd of one month contract fee.
Late documents are considered these that should have been delivered to us before reports that should reflect these documents are ready.
For example if January documents are delivered to us after 20st of February and this client has contract fee of 60€. Then the particulat customer’s invoice will increase by 20€. Extra expense will cover the work that has to be done to repair already finished  reports that have to reflect the late delivered documents.
Accounting consultation (except for time agreed in the contract in current month) Hour 25,00€ such as accounting- and tax law obligations
Company representation in Tax and Customs Office FREE


Organizing delivery of documents, within City
6,00€ furhther with special agreement
The use of a car, interests of the apartments cooperative
Km 0,30€

Services related to the business register

Changing of the address record 20,00€
Amendments to the Statute item item 20,00€
Means of communication change item 20,00€
Share capital increase or reduction in entry record 20,00€

Treatment of source documents

Paper documents to:

Temporary storage of source documents for the period of service to the approval of the annual report.
Furthermore, after the approval of the annual report, the service provider undertakes to inform the client of transfer readiness of source documents.
After the service period and approval of the annual report, returning the original documents to the customer within 60 days. FREE
If the customer has not revealed the wish to take closed source documents over and wants possession of the documents at a later date, additional storage costs. Folder 63.00€
Retention of source documents at the request of the customer within 7 year after the approval of the annual report
Terms and Conditions:
After payment of the invoice LLC Arbalans paper documents will be available for 7 year. After a 7 year Inventory is made on storage items- outdated destroyed
folder/ 7 / yr 21.00€
Digitally from the source documents to print on paper A4 1 doc. 0,04€

Digital Documents:

Service Period temporary source documents to digital preservation for approval of annual reports FREE
After approval of the annual report of the service period, the customer retains access rights in closed source documents over the Internet still a minimum of 90 days in order to enable clients to upload documents to your PC for further storage. FREE
Access to the documents of a later period, re-opening a closed period of 126,00€
Digital storage of source documents at the request of the customer after the approval of the annual report in 7 years
Terms and Conditions:
Arbalans LLC provides Internet access to documents over 7 years. Digital Documents can be said at any time by the customer to download and if necessary re-submit the paper form. The service is also open after the end of the accounting service between the client and Arbalans LLC. Exceeded the retention period, the documents are automatically deleted after
7 years 21,00€

Scanned documents and metadata in digital inclusion.

Scanning – paper documents into digital form in PDF format. 1 doc. 0,16€
Digitalization – detecting meta information and addition of metadata from paper documents or digital documents.
  – In the current reporting digitally delivered books digitization FREE
 – The previous reporting period retrospectively digitizing books
for  paper documents, plus scanning
1 doc. 0,08€

* “Service Period” or “Period” means the period of one unit of the financial year.
Agreement prices in the price list for specified services.
Prices do not include VAT.
According to the specifics it is possible to use other conventional rates.