“At first Luutar company made all the accounting processes by their own,

cause the general opinion of the company owners was that it’s the most suitable decision in the current circumstances. However, very soon, we realized that this must be a professional accountant. We chose one of the private entrepreneurs. Soon we realized that one person is not able to take care of the job, what actually requires few people forces. Since then, in 2007, we began to cooperate with accounting company Arbalans, and this cooperation still lasts.

First of all in our cooperation with Arbalans I appreciate honesty and diligence. The partner must be a master of his craft, what is, in our opinion, clearly seen in the skills of staff, individual approach and transparent pricing policy, and in this case – the Arbalans is the right choice. Due to the fact that company’s big team is led by the owners themselves, the quality of their services is guaranteed”.

Tarmo Kaldam
Luutar Laenud OÜ