Accounting services for business customers

Accounting services without paper carriers: the payment processes of the invoices and adding preliminary documents is carried out on the Web (could be on a paper carrier). Salary and tax accounting, e-invoices, prepayment orders preparations in the internet-bank, the preparation of the reports and the current advice.

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Accounting services for apartment cooperatives

The Web based Remote access accounting system for the residents, financial reports, automatic calculation of outstanding payments and overdue charges, automated web-based banking system. All data information for the managers in one click: residents’ contacts, debtors, sales and purchase invoices and much more.

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Accounting systemization

Based on primary documents we will systemize or rearrange accounting fully. Based on your calculating summaries we will prepare for your approval an annual financial report. We give an assessment for your previous accountancy. We also offer stocktaking service for apartment cooperatives.

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Storage of primary documents and contracts

Arbalans e-service “Documents e-archive“  gives a customers a free access to his primary documents and contracts archive. The documents are arranged and easy to find, there is no need to storage the documents on paper carrier.

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Interaction with existing software

Accountant imports the purchase and sales invoices from the customer’s system into Arbalans accounting system, making transfers and entries basing on imported data, prepares and submit the reports, salary calculations, and advises all customer’s accounting issues.

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Accounting remote access

Accounting software SAF 6.10. or WEBSAF
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XML e-invoice viewer (e-arve)

If you have only XML file with electronic invoice (e-arve), then you can see content of this file in usual invoice form.
Also you can download this invoice in pdf format.
The downloaded file will be deleted after the page is closed.
It’s free for everyone!
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