Documents storage

When there is a need for documents storage?

When there is no primary need to use some document, but it cannot be deleted (i.e. retention period has not passed), it is advisable to remove the documents from the different electronic administion systems (including from the accounting system) and back up.

Why the documents should not be left in the program, where they were created?

The duration of use of the software for the average company is 10-20 years. Usually every 2-3 years it is necessary to update it. Thus, sooner or later, there is still a duty to keep documents, but company’s software updated so many times is unable to reproduce documents 3-7 years old.

What is E-Storage?

E-Storage means removing documents from the documents administration system, together with the description of document content (metadata).
In addition, there must be a sufficient description of the files to be used later and also convert them if it’s neccesary, to grantie the possibility to use them for a long time.
Documents must also comply with the requirements of authentication. To get and download documents from the storage place don’t have to be too slow and compllicated.

The context of electronic documents administration system does not mean documents physical retrieval from the system, in the case of many systems there is an opportunity to save documents for storage in a separate documents database that allows you to reduce pressue looking for active documents , what are used on a daily basis.

What is not an E-Storage?

Electronic storage is not just files copying files, especially when such copies are just overwritten as a result, the simple preservation of electronic files is not an electronic storage.