Accounting services сontent description & Accounting services terms for business clients

Accounting services terms for business clients

Accounting services сontent description include:


  • Provides all necessary primary documents in electronic fview to the accountant (or paper).
  • Confirms the money transfer via Internet banking.


  • Enters invoices for sale and purchase

Accounts administration ( matches accounts with receipts and payments)

Cost /spending accounting (checks accountable persons, payment card, etc.)

Accounting of cash transactions (cash orders, cash book)

Expenses and income accounting

  • Makes salary calculations and tax accounting

Preparing salary orders
Health insurance fund registered employees entering and removal from the register.
Employees vacation accounting and payments.
Business trip reports
Business trip hours calculations
Import customer's cash flows from the Internet Bank and links them with the reports.

  • Loads from the Internet-bank payment orders that have to be paid

Preparation of payment orders in the Internet Bank.
Administration of current credit and leasing agreements and monitoring payment schedules.
Accounting of fixed assets and depreciation calculation.
Based on the entered document verifies the correctness of accounting entries.
Prepares and delivers reports to the tax Board.

  • Makes all VAT calculations and takes care of KMD reports.
  • Preparation of tax report, TSD reports and TSD-addition.
  • Checks the tax balance.
  • Prepares and delivers reports to the statistic’s department (some reports have to be paid separately).
  • Prepares and provides reports to the customer.

Monthly balance and income statement reports.
Prepares an internal rules of accounting.
Advices customer and provides accounting information.
Introduses the customer during communicating with the tax Board, Auditor , bankruptcy manager and any other third parties.
Weekly accounting services

Following services are not included in the list of services:

Distribution of documents by departments and facilities, based on the specified customer mentioned information on documents
Off-balance accounting of low-value items
Simplified inventory accounting, issuance of inventory sheet once a month.

Price for the services is agreed for 6 months period. During this period agreed document and hous volumes will not be recalculated. Accountant controls services every 6 months for the changes in volumes and makes a new offer price based on that.