Apartment cooperatives E-SERVICES

Being our customer, you can use our E-SERVICES system.

Residents get a web-based access to the readings, invoices and payment information.
In addition, next options are available to the residents:

  • Provide readings electronically
  • See the history of expenditure
  • Look at the managements’ records (protocols)

Managers can access to look at the review of all financial activities of the apartment cooperative.

The use of electronic self-service is included in the cost of accounting services. E-SERVICES are always included into the general accounting service price.

From here you can access the self-service apartment association.
For information on what kind of access to use and your username and password, contact your manager, apartment owner or accountant.
For apartment associations that have joined our service after 01.12.2019.
we use to provide the service “Ellrex apartment association software module”

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Arbalans E-services for apartment cooperatives

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Ellrex E-services for apartment cooperatives

Mobile app for providing meter readings

You can provide meter readings also via mobile app. Please be advise this service is available only on Android devices.
Arbalans E-services