Accountant imports invoices from the customer’s system

If customer uses for his economic activities any specific software, which produces invoices directly to his customers (for example, different CRM systems or online stores applications), then there is no reason to enter these invoices once again, our accountant just imports them directly from customer’s software into Arbalans Accounting system. More detailed actions’ division between the customer and accountant are described in agreed contract.
As a rule, actions are divided as follows:



1. At the end of each month provides us with two files from his own system (for example, online stores: MySQL):
1.1. Sales invoices
Second character in CSV file name must always be M; example: xMxxxxxx.csv
1.2. Purchase invoices
Second character in CSV file name must always be O; example: xOxxxxxx.csv
Read interaction files specification.
2. Make bank account access for accountant (“read only” rights)
3. Sends all necessary data for salary calculations
4. Makes payments in the Internet Bank system
5. Forwards primary documents electronically



1. Import CSV files (purchase and sales invoices) into Accounting system
2. Imports Bank transfers
3. Makes salary calculations
4. Based on the customer provided data makes accounting entries
5. Prepares and presents reports to the Tax Board and to the customer
6. Advises all customers’ accounting issues
7. Once a year prepares an annual report and presents it to Business Register
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