Accounting services for apartment cooperatives

Accounting services for apartment cooperativesCooperation between a customer and accountant
has to be specified in the contract.
As a rule, activities are divided as follows:

Apartment cooperative

Forward by email, through electronic system or on a paper carrier all necessary primary documents to accountant.


Enters sales and purchase invoices data.

Based on primary documents submitted by the apartment cooperative makes accounting entries.

Makes the salary and tax calculation.

Shares apartment cooperative outlay according to the regulations provided by the cooperative apartments and apartments owners’ readings.

Prints out the invoices and forward them to the post (if you do not use an e-mail sending).

Sends invoices by e-mail to the members of the apartment cooperative (to those who have an e-mail).

Sends information to the banks for invoices being paid by direct standing payment orders.

Prepares in advance payment orders to be paid in the bank.

Prepares and presents reports to the Tax Board.

Prepares an annual report for its submission to the Estonian Business Register.

Provides the customer with advice and information about the accountancy.