Storage of primary documents and contracts

digidokumendidArbalans e-service “documents E-storage“ gives a customers a free access to his primary documents and contracts archive. The documents are arranged and easy to find.
To have an access into the documents for closed period we recommend that you enter into an agreement that includes an obligation on Arbalans to keep the customer’s e-documents for 7 years period. Archived documents can be downloaded at any time and, if it’s necessary, can be reproduced on paper as well. Primary documents files will be kept separately. Metadata or information about the content of the document is always easy readable from the file name.

Customer always has the ability to save documents in the archive in any convenient view for storage. There is a time limit until the end of the year from the moment the annual report was approved to make this. After this period to access the closed periods a separate contract will be needed. According to the agreement, access to the electronic archive is guaranteed beyond the end of accounting services. Documents are deleted automatically after expired retention period.

Additional values:

No need for the printing of documents on paper. Documents are always online accessible.
Office spaces used for the paper storage before can be free now and used for other more useful purposes.
The documents are always reachable and easy to find just by one click.
Eliminates the chance that the document “simply disappear” (for instance was left at former accountant, auditor, and warehouse etc.)
No need to bring all the papers during an auditor control directly, you can just provide his with an access to documents via Remote Access system.
Primary documents will not disappear, because they are duplicated on a several servers and cannot be deleted before an expiration date.

Technical solutions:
Primary documents are stored in PDF or DDOC or ASICE format.
Different registers are saved in TXT, CSV or XML etc. format.
After the accounting entries, stored files always have specific names, what mean there is no need to use any special software for finding these files.
You can use any browser to find the required document.
Just before the close of the period customer digitally signs the register of all stored files.

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