What is digital signature?

digidocDigidoc- signature connects a document with its creator and/or approvers, and also provides an authenticity of the document, regardless of the view of the signature.

The authenticity of the document is determined by the following paragraphs:
* it must be possible to identify the creator and/or the document approver, and an exact time of the creation and/or approval of the document.
* It must be possible to check if the document was changed after the creation/approval.

The differences between digital signatures and paper documents signatures

Paper document and signature on it connected between each other only with a single storage place, i.e. the actual sheet of paper, an electronic document and signature on it, are connected to any particular storage place. At the same time, regular document and name of the document creator on it does not have to confirm the fact that he himself or creator’s name standing on it was not changed. So both points are determining the authenticity of the document. Here comes the conclusion that in the case of an electronic document earlier principles for signing documents can’t applied.
Using an ID card you can sing an electronic document digitally, which is on legislative level equivalent to usual signature. All government institutions and organisations in Estonia are required to accept all the documents signed digitally.