Storage of electronic documents in Arbalans


Documents are separated from the accounting program so that each document has a separate file with a document description in it’s name – metadata.
Accountant saving file gives file a specific names, what is corresponding to the accounting entries.
Metadata is located in the name of saved file , which makes any document easy to find using any broweser. Also to read any file you can use the software on all computers with any operating systems by default. Example
Gives an opportunity to use document ij the future
In case, if you need to save documents for a longer period, it is possible to convert them from one format to another.
Retrieving and searching saved documents very simple and quick process.
In case, if third party would be need any confirmation of the authenticity of the document, customer downloads necessary document from the server, and signs it separately or prints on paper and with his own signature. After that provides document to a third party.

Based on what?

Documents are stored according to the law of taxation and accounting act of the Republic of Estonia.
Arbalans OÜ stores only the documents which are the basis for accounting entries. Arbalans OÜ is not obliged to provide the customers’ documents for archiving in the Estonian public archive.