Accounting services price formation

Accounting services price, which is reflected by Price Calculator for business customers and apartment cooperatives, is for month period and based on average volumes of extended period.

Our goal is to provide high-quality accounting services. That is why Arbalans is a team of the most skilled, expert, highly motivated and regularly raising knowledge level accountants.

We are interested in long-term and both sides beneficial cooperation; consequently, we do our best to establish fair prices for the service.


To keep the price for the service lower it is good to:

  • Establish the rules together with the customer, what will help to avoid wasting each other time.
  • Use opportunities offered in E-services.
  • In the case large volumes of the documentation, It’s also reasonable to use Remote Accounting Access system’s opportunities.
  • Using the same accounting system together with the accountant, also applying your employees (example: a warehouse person, customer manager, secretary).
  • Send us the necessary data through Remote Access system in electronic view


Quite often wasting an additional time still happens, what actually could be avoided by:

  • Phone calls to the accountant, which could actually get quick answers from the Remote Access system by the customer himself.
  • Unsorted documents – interspersed with different entities, companies, personal documents, etc.
  • The lack of key documents, contracts, what are necessary basis for any transfers.
  • Afterwards appearing documents, which force to redo the work already done.
  • Misunderstanding of each other, where both parties assume that the other part is better informed or “talking in a different language” (the business logic versus the logic of accounting).
  • Special structuring for unconsidered spending, what will help to avoid making lot of additional time-consuming question to an accountant.